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The Great Canadian Food Show

Take one country larger than continental Europe, add 30 million people from every ethnic background imaginable, toss with breathtaking scenery and mouthwatering recipes. Cut into 65 episodes, bake for thirty minutes and you've got The Great Canadian Food Show.

Join host CARLO ROTA as he travels from the Maritimes to the Rocky mountains in search of astronomical, gastronomical adventures. We explore the regional and ethnic influences on Canadian cuisine set against the backdrop of stunning and varied locales. Pitch-fork fondue in the prairie flatlands, the ultimate wine sauces from Niagara, diving for scallops in the Atlantic and honey & mead from the Laurentians - we've got it all!

Canada has one of the richest and most varied ecosystems in the world, offering up a rich pantry of foods. It is a country of contrasting landscapes, interesting people and mouthwatering delicacies, all served up in a fun, hip style by The Great Canadian Food Show! More than simple reports, each episode takes Carlo on a quest that plays itself out over the half hour. Shot entirely in the field, appealing to everyone who loves food, from gourmet chefs to avid eaters and everyone in between, The Great Canadian Food Show has but one goal -- to make our viewers hungry!

The Great Canadian Food Show -- television that finishes well on the palate!